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8794103_sWe win Criminal Writs and Appeals.

The Law Office of Edward J. Blum has been handling Criminal Writs and Appeals and Administrative Mandamus (Writs from the DMV) for Defendants, fellow Attorneys and Law Firms, in Los Angeles for over 18 years.

When things don’t go your way in your Criminal case or at the DMV because the Judge or Hearing Officer doesn’t properly apply the law, you need to get another Court to review his decision by taking an Appeal or Writ.

We review your case, gather the evidence, interview witnesses, develop a strategy, file the Writ or Appeal and argue or present it at your Hearing or Trial.

During this process, we will be working closely with you, keeping you informed of all developments and answering all your questions . We pride ourselves on our Client service and offer our Exceptional Service Guarantee.

An Appeal is a request for the Appellate Court to review a Judge’s decision on some point of law. An Appeal is taken from a Judgment or Motion/Decision after Judgment has been entered. The right to appeal certain issues,without a judgment, is statutory.

A Writ is an emergency request for the Court to review something right now.  It is taken from a pre-judgment decision by the Judge.  A Writ is taken when the issue is too important to leave until the end of the case.

There is also a Writ of Habeus Corpus. Habeus Corpus directs the Trial Court to bring the evidence before the court. Habeus Corpus is used to review the constitutionality of the Trial Court’s decision.

What is the procedure for an Appeal?

What is the procedure for a Writ of Habeus Corpus?

What is the procedure for a Writ of Mandate or Prohibition?

What is Administrative Mandamus?

What is the procedure for a Writ of Administrative Mandamus from a DMV case?

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